Thursday, November 12, 2009

No Excuse

Ok, no excuse for not posting. Haven't had anything to say really.

I did make the switch and am no longer playing my Paladin. My shaman is my main now, and he's Elemental mostly. Resto is creeping up as what he does though, so I'm keeping an eye on getting better at that too.

In other news, I not only switched to playing my shaman, I also switched servers and factions to be with a different guild. So far so good. My gear was a bit low for starting out with them, but they accepted me anyway and I hope they haven't regretted it yet :). (As an aside, my gear has gotten much better since my time with them). We clear 25m stuff easy peasy and are now trying 25m Heroic ToC. The crazy thing is that is where they want me as Resto! Apparently I do well enough healing.

That's all for now.