Tuesday, August 18, 2009

My Bad

So I may have over reacted when I talked about 3.2 changes. Apparently in addition to the Earth Shock change they also changed Wind Shock into Wind Shear. This new spell works like Wind Shock in that it lowers your threat but it has some added benefits.

1. It's off the GCD. You can cast it whenever you want without worrying about your rotation (for the most part).
2. It's an interrupt. Which negates my whole thing about the Earth Shock change. I never cast Earth Shock except as an interrupt and the damage was a bonus.

Just wanted to clear that up.

In other "news"...I'm thinking of switching guilds, and even more so, switching factions. And I think I'm going to shed my Tanking role and go back to my DPS roots. There's more feedback (i.e. quantitative numbers) with a DPS class (which also means it's more visible to other people, for better or worse).

** Originally this was going to be a "tangent", but as I type it up I find myself wanting to go into more detail than a "tangent" should have.

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